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When it's calling for you
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And I don't know why?
But listen to your heart
Before you turn and say...good-bye...

So that our sweetest memories can linger on as long as we live...

Monday, July 12, 2010


 "Ours was once a world carved in a perfect harmony, but alas! The emergence of a dangerous civilization with the reign of scientific and technological advancement has come to prove a vulnerable threat to the whole of Humanity and plung this world into a constant state of weariness..."  

 “Warfare cripples human being. Not only does the fury of war disable those who are alive, but it also cuts off the future” - Edgar V. Roberts

This Poem I dedicate to all the victims of human excesses violently displayed through exploitation, oppression, slavery, injustice, evil conspiracies and incessant wars…economic, political, socio-cultural, physical, mental or psychological. In other words, this is a cry of lamentations, outright condemnation, stiff resistance and urgent call for a total halt to this unnecessary warfare which have consequently placed too much unbearable burden upon the existence of the whole of humanity...these wars must stop!

We are weary world, done with war
Let’s live in peace’n’fight no more
No more grudges-let’s forget about RACE
‘cause our habitat’s a global place
Continental curve from Australia, Middle-East to Africa
Asia, through Europe’n’down to America

We’re weary world, done with war
We shall live in peace’n’fight no more
No more wars-let’s leave not our duties
To cast callous calamity to nature’s beauties
Ah! The earth’s surface’s been defaced
With wars-innocent lives’s been displaced

A world are we, totally done with war
In peace shall we live’n’clash no more
Desert storm at Gulf-Hiroshima! Still flood our memory
Mortal genocide, engineered from bio-atomic nuclear armory
Sarajevo horrors-constant nightmares in Northern Ireland
No peace in Africa-Yet, not one in Switzerland

A world are we, totally done with war
Shall we live now in peace’n’clash no more?
Twin-Towers already’ve been lost to Terrorism
Million wealths, souls too were sacrificed in horrific barbarism
All these in New-York,West-Bank, Baghdad’n’Kabul
While some missiles passed through Ramala’n’Istanbul

Oh! We’re weary world done with war
Let’s live in peace’n’quarrel no more
No more wars-Military, Economic or Culture
We’ve had enough decades of ruthless torture
Kwashiorkor, Tuberculosis, AIDS’n’new born SARS
Imposed by malnutrition, viruses, contagious deadly gas

What is a modern man’s fate on earth?
When peace even now has become dearth
We grope for meaningful life-Oh! We cannot see
Our lives’ve been drown in missiles sea
Let’s live in peace now’n’fight war no more!
‘cause we’re a world weary of war

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