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You are welcome to my haven! I created this in the memory of my memories...I can only hope you will always hang on here as long as you can. But if you have to leave, I want you to please:

Listen to your heart
When it's calling for you
Coz I don't know where you are going
And I don't know why?
But listen to your heart
Before you turn and say...good-bye...

So that our sweetest memories can linger on as long as we live...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

R E J O I C E !

Glory be to Almighty Allah who has once again shown us His mercy by granting us leave to witness yet another Ramadan in our lifespan. Many were those who wish they had just this one opportunity, but today have been sent on a lifetime journey of no return. Many were those that we boarded this Fasting train together, but have no chance to reach the closing destination with us. I pray that May Allah forgive their sins, overlook their shortcomings and grant them Paradise. But for those of us who still have the merciful privilege to be here today, Let us be grateful to God and always remember to do HIS bidding...For today and tomorrow, this would forever remain in our memory and the memory of a beautiful life to come. So, I congratulate you all and urge you to please let us...

Arise’n’rejoice! For this Season: the worth of another celebration
Rejoice! Like an apprentice on the day of graduation
Alas! You’re back, with so much, so great a vigor
Where you’ve spent a full moon in celestial labor.

Congratulations! Ei’d-Ul-Fitri has already begun
And the Blessed Month, Ramadan already’s gone
Where you had all your desires strained’n’swallow’
But take heed these portents along, my noblest fellow.

Though, Ramadan, the Blessed Month now is gone
Yet, must you divorce not its teachings undone
In humbleness, piety, kindness, charity’n’patience should thy be victorious
For you to be in this life’n’hereafter prosperous.

Arise! Celebrate this Glorious Festival!
Rejoice! This Ei’d-Ul-Fitri with gracious thanks to Allah
Who’s upon your soul bestowed ceaseless survival
Rejoice! Shout’n’echoe AL-H-A-M-D-U-L-I-LL-A-H!

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