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You are welcome to my haven! I created this in the memory of my memories...I can only hope you will always hang on here as long as you can. But if you have to leave, I want you to please:

Listen to your heart
When it's calling for you
Coz I don't know where you are going
And I don't know why?
But listen to your heart
Before you turn and say...good-bye...

So that our sweetest memories can linger on as long as we live...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


On the day I saw you slept...I had a terrible dream, at your tombstone I wept.
When you lose a beloved one, you will agree with me that it is one of the most difficult situations to deal with in this life. Your heart is filled with grief and memories of that person(s). Although he or she is no more with you, his or her loving memories would always be with you for the rest of your life. So when I lost my sister about 25 years ago, it was the first time ever in my life that life has really dealt me serious emotional difficulty. For many months and many years, it is only I that know how difficult it has been to let her memories go. But No!...it can never go...therefore, the following heart-touching verses are my accurate way of expressing my deep feelings for her and her loss. It's really a heart-aching moment for me and the family, but God has inspired me to set this up so that I can always find comfort in her memories and share with all of you who have passed through similar experience hoping and praying that this memorial will positively help you take a small step towards the healing process of your soul.

A very good friend once told me...

"We never lose a loved one,
For even though they are gone.
Within the hearts of those who care,
Their memory lives on."

So please embark with me on this journey as you go through your healing process...thank you!

Oh! How can I forget my dearest so fast?
When I never thought those moments to last.
The joys’n’laughters of our glorious childhood,
When mother’n’father still labored for our livelihood,

Oh! Your sudden exit’s a painful dagger in my heart,
When I never heard the call of mother earth.
No! I was too innocent…too innocent to know!
That it was the time when the west-wind doth blow.

You closed your eyes’n’I thought you were sleeping,
Not knowing that you’ll never wake up again breathing.
On the day I saw you slept,
I had a terrible dream, at your tombstone I wept.

A terrible dream on the day my sister died,
All the heavens’n’earths utterly went awild.
And the glowing sky went sober’n’looked ugly,
Groaning, moaning, howling, she echoed loudly.

Only for her, the precious lost, she wailed bitterly,
And the earth too was soaked’n’shivered silently.
O Sherifah! How can I forget you too soon?
When you always come to me on the moon.

Reminding me of the day you laid to rest,
I know I shall always be your very best.
When soon, I am there together with you in bliss.
So sleep…sleep soundly my dear…forever in peace!

©golobathepoet 20011


  1. Beautifully written.
    I am sorry for your loss, but at least you still have the memories of your sister.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is straight from the heart bro. I feel your pains and so sorry about the loss.

    Well done

  3. Thanks so much Andy, Bukky I appreciate you. God Bless you too!