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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


TEARS OF A BLEEDING HEART...the story of my Life!
Hunnnm...too many hearts are constantly bleeding and wailing in this nation. The atmosphere is so tensed that the majority of our people have now seem to be nobody in the middle of nowhere. Or how else can one honestly describe the fate of a nation blessed with both inexhaustible human and material resources yet still struggle to happily grind between the two ends of sustenance? What a pity we have become preys and tools of mischievous manipulations in the hands of our own kinsmen and their Grotto Masters in foreign lands. Ooh! My heart bleeds as I speak...
I have not much here to say this time, for all that I should have said can be felt through THE TEARS OF A BLEEDING HEART and when you deeply scan through...STATE OF THE NATION [...excerpt from ASUU's Press Statement before embarking on "a total and indefinite strike" in December 2011, just about two weeks before the subsidy removal. See how insightful the Statement has been. And to think that the strike appears to be no urgent business of government in Nigeria at this time! What a shame! And under Nigeria's first PhD President!]...(Dr. Nduka Otiono)
"There is now an undisputable fact about Nigeria. The various factions of the ruling class are united, no matter their other differences, by their role as feeble agents of global liberal powers. They are surrendering the fate of present and future generation of Nigerians to the grips of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Control of Nigerian government has been seized by the Western imperial powers. The World Bank and the IMF were decisive in the sponsorship and constitution of the economic team which was put in place following the inauguration of Mr. President after the April 2011 elections.

The economic team has in turn recruited like minds in preparation for mortgaging the future of our country to the World Bank, IMF and other western economic institutions. Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala also brought her “technocrats” into the team in order to reinforce the technical and ideological foundation for implementing the World Bank-IMF economic agenda in Nigeria and with it, the mortgaging of the future of generations of Nigerians to the dictates of the imperial world. With the team, the government of President Jonathan began an aggressive pursuit of privatization, commercialization, deregulation and devaluation with unparalleled zeal, with a view to completing the agenda begun since the days of the Obasanjo Presidency."
I almost gone crazy 'coz my head ached and numbed as I accidentally stumbled on this shocking revelation below written by 'Bassey Udo' and posted by one Mallami Kayode on Facebook...
see link (http://www.talkofnaija.com/News/newsdetailsone.aspx?NewsId=556F3ED6-D9A6-480C-B206-701AC69750B7

Why Allison-Madueke Must Be Investigated Alongside NNPC, PPPRA-Premium Times

Mrs Alison-Madueke can't be a judge in her own case. The central role being played by Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, in the probe of corruption charges against the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) may have called to question the avowed commitment of President Goodluck Jonathan to the fight against corruption in the country’s petroleum industry. The President, in his nationwide broadcast last Monday, restated the irrevocable commitment of his administration to tackling corruption as well as entrenching openness and accountability in the petroleum industry. As a demonstration of his commitment to those objectives, he said he would prioritise the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), and implement the recommendations of the forensic audit on the operations of the NNPC, punishing all officials indicted for misconducts. To give effect to the presidential pronouncement, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), acting on a directive by Mrs. Alison-Madueke, swooped on the NNPC and the PPPRA as well as the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), carting away volumes of official documents relating to the controversial N1.34trillion fuel subsidy payments as well as other transactions undertaken by the agencies. The Minister also constituted two committees in her office headed by an independent auditor to review the KPMG and other audit reports on the NNPC and other parastatals in the ministry as well as undertake a comprehensive review of the management and controls within those parastatals. But analysts believe that by taking a lead in the probe, Mrs Alison-Madueke, has put the entire investigation to question. A Benin City-based civil society group, Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ) stated the obvious when it faulted the role Mrs, Alison-Madueke has assumed in the probes, describing it as absurd and a charade to fool Nigerians. "I find this absurd and cannot understand what is happening in this country anymore,” ANEEJ Executive Director, David Ugolor, said in a statement. “It is an irony that the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, whose ministry is accused of corruption is the same person setting up the probe into her ministry. What will come out of such a probe?” Mr. Ugolor continued, “The Minister is trying to be a judge in her own case. Nigerians cannot be fooled by this charade. It is in her interest for her to step aside for an independent body to look into the books she supervised. Our view is against the backdrop of allegations by the National Assembly that the Petroleum Ministry paid out more billions of Naira on PMS subsidy than was approved for it in the 2011 budget.” Indeed, very serious corruption allegations have swirled around the minister in the past year, which appear to have strengthened argument by some Nigerians that she lacked the moral fibre to superintend over any probe of the oil and gas sector. Last year, NEXT, one of Nigeria’s most respected newspapers, ran a series of investigative reports that linked the minister herself to monumental corruption. The government is yet to act on those allegations. In one of those reports, titled “Oil minister, her jeweller and their sweetheart deal”, the Minister was said to have discretionally licensed one Christopher Aire, a 47-year-old United States-based Nigerian celebrity jewellery designer and merchant, to be lifting crude oil. Mr Aire’s company, Solid 21 Incorporated, which dealt strictly in jewellery and wristwatches, did not meet any of the criteria spelt out in the guidelines for prospective crude oil lifters. But, between July 9 and July, 2010, he incorporated two companies, Siseno Oil Nigeria Limited, as well as Caligeria Oil Limited. Both companies were to undertake the businesses of petroleum products sales and distribution. A month after the no-address companies were incorporated, the minister reportedly directed the Crude Oil Marketing Division (COMD), the NNPC division in charge of crude oil marketing, to approve crude oil lifting contracts to them to lift 60,000 barrels of crude per day. That was done in clear violation of laid down guidelines requiring companies interested in lifting Nigerian crude to be bona fide end users, with established reputation as large volume traders with global network for at least three years. In another report also published by NEXT, and entitled “Oil minister in N2.2b bribery scandal”, the minister’s name was mentioned in an elaborate scam which forced marketers to pay huge bribes in exchange for petroleum products import license by the PPPRA. There was also the allegation that she unilaterally assigned prospecting rights in some state-owned lucrative blocks to some briefcase companies without open and competitive bidding. Irked by these allegations, for which government failed to act, a Lagos-based lawyer, Bartholomew Aguegbodo, sued the minister at a Federal High Court in Lagos. See Lawyer sues Allison-Madueke and “Last minute oil deals that cost Nigeria dear”. Yet, there are several other allegations for which the minister has to answer questions. So, it appears bizarre that as tainted as she is by these allegations, the government has asked her to lead the effort to clean up the NNPC in particular, and the industry in general. If government wants to be taken seriously in its bid to enthrone corruption in the industry, it must first probe Mrs. Alison-Madueke herself. It is only when she is found to be clean that she should be allowed to lead the reform of a sector fraught with monumental corruption.

    • Mallami Kayode Oil Minister Double Standards: Photos Of Son’s Private Jet Lifestyle

    • Mallami Kayode Nigerian Government officials are like the proverbial Leopard incapable of changing its spots.
      DailyPost Nigeria has obtained photos of Nigeria Oil Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke’s sons, living like Kings in America, complete with private jet travel, luxury ship vacations, frolicking with local and international superstars such as Dbanj, Neyo and Cecil Hammond.

    • Tunde Fabiyi let them enjoy it while it last.

    • Harold Abbey Akinleye Mallami Kayode, I think Olisa or someone else said during the protest that when you get to Abuja Airport, it is filled with private jets, haba

    • Babatunde Adeboye Remember their faces..

    • Udo Aginah Iheonu see how they waste our naira. nawa ooh.

    • Mallami Kayode Alagba Oluomo Bolaji Popoola, ko si eni rere ninu awon to ndari wa ni orilede Nonjeria.

    • Bamidele Ademola-Olateju
      Grooving or pigging out? You are seeing a gluttonous and ravenous pig who may never have worked all his life. He is busy getting fat and dying by installment through conspicuous consumption. We see them here in America all too often. When t...See More

    • Mallami Kayode Harold Abbey Akinleye, yes it was Olisa Agbakoba that said it. Truelly, if you go to Abuja Airport, it is filled up with private jets from ministers, governors, Pastors and many other looters like Dangote and Otedola.

    • Bamidele Ademola-Olateju Oh, Lest I forget. Seif Al Islam, Ghadaffi's son frolicked with Marian Carey et all, where is he today? I do not envy these lazy drones. Let them enjoy their lives of "happiness", I will enjoy my life of meaning. Choose one!
      Wednesday at 4:18pm · 3

    • Babatunde Adeboye More private jets in Abuja, but no single National carrier... Wow, giant of Africa indeed.

    • Michael Williams I think GEJ should dissolve his entire cabinet, and probe everyone responsible for the whole mess, and bring them to justice. Diezani Alison-Madueke should be probe and stand trial if suspected of any wrong doing. The committee to pbobe should be an independent adjudicator led by a civil right Lawyer, and Judges

    • Michael Williams ‎@Aderogba ....... Did you say, Nigeria is a poor country? I will say you are wrong. Margaret Thatcher one said, If she's allowed to rule Nigeria for 8 years, Nigeria will be greater than Great Britain. Name any Mineral Resources Nigeria don't have.
      And name of course best leaders looters Nigeria don't have?
      Nigeria is a Very rich country, but ordinary Citizens living below poverty level. It makes my heart bleeds.

    • Makinde Gbolahan Abiodun ‎@micheal, thieves everywhere.

    • Michael Williams ‎@Makinde ....... I know, but Nigeria own are just too much. Nigeria politics means rule and loot the treasury. It's so wrong. You rule to make life of Citizens better. Nigeria resources can look after the whole Africa. But, Nigeria leadership make the country look like Beggars.

    • Aderogba Yahaya Adeniji did nigeria leaders understand the value of the resources you made mentioned.when the leaders of a country is poor upstairs then the nation is as poor as ......

    • Sunday Balogun For how long are we going to make all comments,What can be the solution.

    • Olayinka Fafolahan No be there fault ............ke. if we poor people start attacking ..from Chairman of local Govt .to Minister . murdering them in Cold-Blood every one Government official will adjust fast

    • Tobby Odedina ‎@Mallami..... there is not need to raise curse on these set of people bcos they are raising the curse on themselves already. Irrespective of how much the riches they keep is, THEIR KIDS WILL NEVER LIVE TO MEET ANYTHING FROM IT. AMENNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oguns Clinton Nigerians should begin to agitate now and the agitation should be done loudly too purposely to prevent these evil creatures from emptying the common wealth at the wrong time.

    • Oguns Clinton The government always complain that the country is not making enough money to build a better Nigeria! The question is, the money and the loot carpeted by the few known looters in our midst are derived from where....? may be from the sea!

    • Oguns Clinton Nigerians should wake up and begin to use their voting power rightly and wisely. We voted these men into office for them to represent us appropriately and not for them to come and eat us and our country's economy into a skeletal state. Nigerians wake-up......

    • Tunde Owolab hum.........hum........God dey?

    • Felix Adewale Ajayi Abi o God will deal with all mujemuje people that have sucked Nigeria to death

    • Oguns Clinton Nigeria is over-blessed to be termed a pauper country. Our leaders should be a little professional with the economy. We have got all that it takes to dominate and to move the world.

    • Mark Bamidele Africanmirror ‎@ Bamidele Ademola. You have said it all. Non of their children has a place in this generation. They are using stolen wealth to destroy their kids. They might be richer than us with gota money but we are more intelligent than them. Let us wait and see how it will end

    • Mallami Kayode Mark Bamidele Africanmirryes u are right. Bamidele Ademola-Olateju has said it all.
Ooh! My heart bleeds as I speak...I cried...and cried...and cried as I shamefully and em-pathetically ran through the also bleeding heart of a fellow beloved brother, Akin Al-Ameen...
"...These career looters have turn our country to a comedy channel in the eyes of GOD. And the Angels in heaven always tune to channel 234 whenever they want to laugh. To see these heartless leaders who lack the fear of GOD. How they share our money and laugh among themselves. How they go to churches and mosques forgetting GOD cannot be fooled. The greatest thieves are these leaders who steal billions of money with pen. These fools are obsessed with power and material things of life.
Their own definition of ruling is looting. To secure the lifes of their unborn children with uncountable billions of stolen dollars in foreign accounts. The greed in their hearts has blinded their sight.The cry and pain of the masses have no meaning to them. So many fake promises. So many dead dreams while the dreamer is still alive. One of the most painful things in life is to wait indefinitely with no sign of hope at sight. The youths graduates every year from school with no hopes for job. It's not what you know that matters anymore but who you know. For over 50 years the story is still the same. So many people are forced into a slavery journey of no return. While other countries are already fighting for animal rights.

These people take our human rights and throw it away. To lead is to serve. Leadership is a sacrifice, a commitment, a hope, a love, a promise and a security. Leaders instill in their people a hope of success. A leader should be faithful, loyal, transparent and be sensitive to pains of his people.Whatever makes them happy should be his priority. A leader surround himself with real people who tells him what he needs to know and not what he wants to hear. Real leaders don't fight for power. They are not enticed or controlled by material things of life. Real leaders don't impose, they dialogue before taking actions.

You cannot force kindness on people if they don't want it.You can only have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you 've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer under your power, he's free again.You don't need a lot of securities around you if you are truly loved by people and ruling with the fear of GOD. It's just so funny how people change at the touch of power and cash. Before elections. They tell us they are the MESSIAH sent by GOD. They sing to us the songs our hearts want to hear. So many stories and actions of make believe, but after the election the story will change. They get to Abuja and got carried away (by the all-tempting and sparkling affluent of ASO PALACE) . 

They come up with different grammars and stories to enrich themselves. Never add to the agony of a poor man if you can't take his sorrows away. It's very very hard to know the pain of hunger when you and your kids have never ever went to bed hungry with no hopes of food the following morning. The ultimate measure of a man's character is how he deals with a person who cannot fight him back....."
(Akin Al-Ameen) 

                                   TEARS OF A BLEEDING HEART 

Her fragile soul is constantly aching
As it keeps on sinking deep into aging
Her tender heart never stops breaking
For the pirate's poisonous axe will not cease abating

Her noble soul is so pale and weak
Oh! My heart bleeds as I speak
'Coz her golden treasures's been ceased by evil hands...
(Her fellow kinsmen 'n' their grotto masters in foreign lands)

Oh! My heart bleeds so...as I speak
'Coz her soul is so pale and weak
How her milky wells are running dry
While she keeps on writhing in pains 'n' cry

What paradox how her trust's been cunningly jaded
How her dignity stripped 'n' greedily traded
Just for a single trinklet 'n' transcient tinsels 
By the ones she thought were her Guardian Angels 

Her heart keeps on breaking without caution
She cannot fight back...she has no option
Seeing their filthy lifestyles drives her crazy
While she strives hard to live 'n' not lazy

Oh! My heart bleeds so as I speak
'Coz her very fragile soul is so pale 'n' weak
What will stop the tears of this bleeding heart,
Is there no more miracle here on earth?

                                                             --- Goloba Adeola

Hunnnnm....honestly I do have a strong faith that one day, we would definitely come back stronger as a nation...but still my heart bleeds endlessly and I am not sure if this fragile heart will not drop dead before MIRACLE  comes to stop these TEARS OF A BLEEDING HEART...

©golobathepoet 2012

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