Hello everyone! what you see here is the product of the pieces of my

thoughts gathered together to find and recall the true meaning of my
MEMORY...Please, I love you all to leave your meaningful comments to help
improve my Blog and may be through your series of comments...I may eventually
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You are welcome to my haven! I created this in the memory of my memories...I can only hope you will always hang on here as long as you can. But if you have to leave, I want you to please:

Listen to your heart
When it's calling for you
Coz I don't know where you are going
And I don't know why?
But listen to your heart
Before you turn and say...good-bye...

So that our sweetest memories can linger on as long as we live...

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Radiant eyes
A priceless gorgeous gift of LOVE
From the gods
Crafted statute of spotless glowing skin

Beautiful lass
Young and strong
Awesomely robust with
Stunning sexy stature
Radiant eyes
A priceless gorgeous gift of LOVE
From the gods
Crafted statute of spotless glowing skin
Bold in her resolutions
Modestly tutored with moral knowledge
And cultural wisdom
Intelligent breed of this 21st century
Brilliant in her crafts and compositions
Her tiny voice as sweet as honey
Her melodies as soothing as a lemon meringue
I have seen her
Standing still…
Out in that rabid cold
At the lonely bank
Of the naked ocean
At Eleko

She has passed through
The eyes of the storm
She has fought her wars
Lost in her virgin mind
I can hear loud and clear
The thunderous sound of her aching
I can see her burning
I can feel her blazing
I can hear her call
Through the fading tears
Falling down her troubled
Beautiful face
Yes…I can feel her pains
Through the raging passion
In her saline eyes
I can hear the songs
Of her heart echoing…
“All I ever want
Is my savior
My Soul mate
The one
The only one
I have ever loved
Eni bi okon mi!”

I must confess,
You are a stunning Queen of Beauty,
A Beauty as rare as
The shimmering regal presence of
A river goddess
A Beauty so bold that
Each time I look very deeply
Into the sparkling innocence
Of your gentle maiden eyes,
Savoring with utmost inner satisfactions
The flawless renditions
Of your splendid romantic muses,
Oh how I so dearly behold
Your Stainless Beauty
Has never ever really betrayed
The deep sonorous touch
Of your breathtaking heart songs
Which your smart erotic voice
 Has gracefully sang with
Colorful sexxxy tunes...
Hunnm...Here I am…come!
Let me save your heart
Let me be your king
Let me claim your soul  
Let me be the one
The only one
To dance with you always
Around your beautiful fortress
 Of massive palace,
Let me lay you down
Every day,
In the dead of the night
To serenade you to silent sleep
With sweet love songs and lovely caresses,
Let me be The Royal Majesty
In your very wildest dreams…

You are the one
Eni bi okon mi
My true love
The only one
That can save my heart
From going down
Please, come quick!
Save me
Save my heart
My heart is going down
Please, save my heart
You are the one
My true love
You are the hunger
That steals upon me
Every seconds of my life
You are the growling
Sensations that always
Instigate blistering rumbles
In the belly of my heart
You are the gnawing pangs
That drives me crazy
Every moment I submerge
 In the ocean of your thoughts

You are the wanton desires
That propels my mouth
To constantly demand
For your justice
My hands to reach for the beckoning sky
My legs to willingly yield
On a desperate marathon order
My soul on the cruising boat
Of a romantic hunting expedition
Yet…you are the one
The only one
That can satisfy my creative impulses
And spur my sparkling imaginations
To the zenith of a freewheeling flight
Sailing…and sailing…
Through an endless diamond sky
Far way beyond the smiling moon
So in my craving loneliness
I have come to realize
That you are the one
The only one
That can unearth
My deepest hidden chemistry
And quench the thirst
Of my soul’s restless cravings

You are the one
The only one
That can trail
My moral synapses
Read my spiritual axons
Mend my broken dreams
And gratify my blazing sexual appetite
Beeni, iwo ni
Eni bi okon mi
My true love
Ti n ba ri o
Mi o lee je
Ti n ba ri o
Mi o lee mu
Ti n ba ri o
Mi o lee sun
For I have waited too long,
Long enough for you
To come around
Every day, I sit here
All alone
That someday,
Out of the blue
The gods will shower mercy
Cause a powerful windstorm
To finally break on the sea
And curse your roaming boat
To sail you back
Towards the setting sun
Where my lonely path
Would be stripped naked

I am a lonely poet
I live like a wandering bird
Gliding upon a gloomy sky
Closely together, they move’n’fly
Among the peers I see in countless batch
I roam, I ply, I see my match
Oh I’ve long been in solitary loneliness
I’d’ve since died of aloneness
Until nature leads me to you my dearest image
Shall we now coo’n’sing together till time passage?

For far many moons
Here, all alone
I have court merry mermaids
I have dined with festive white pelicans
At this very bank of Eleko Beach
I have cried and wailed in silence
That tears no longer remain
In my blurring eyes
Defying tradition,
I have refused to be ritually betrothed
To the man I have never known
To be the one I seek
I have snubbed off begging requests
To be mutually consummated
With many strange men
So strange to my longing virgin heart

Beeni, iwo ni
Eni bi okon mi
My true love
You are the one
The one I love
The only one
I have ever loved
Please, come quick!
Save me,
Save my heart
My heart is going down
Please save my heart
Ti n ba ri o
Mi o lee je
Ti n ba ri o
Mi o lee mu
Ti n ba ri o
Mi o lee sun

Ori ti sun mi bare
Mo ti rohuntowunmi
Ayanma ife mi
Emi leiye Oge e re
Iwo saa ni Olokose e mi
Ti afefe ba fe
Aa kan igi oko lara
Ti ojo bar o
Ara o tu igbo
Inu omi leja ngbe
Inu u re ni un o maa gbe
Toripe ti iwo o ba si
Emi ko le e pe

I have waited too long
Long enough,
For this very moment to come
Where two seeking souls
Bound together by a common destiny
Which fate has long made
To dwell apart
In far strange and distant worlds
Now fated to be,
Eternally condemned,
To reunite
In mutual romantic conjugal bliss
Please, come…come quick Akanni!
My heart is going down
Take my heart
Save my soul
Eni bi okon mi
My true love!

©adeolagoloba 2014