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You are welcome to my haven! I created this in the memory of my memories...I can only hope you will always hang on here as long as you can. But if you have to leave, I want you to please:

Listen to your heart
When it's calling for you
Coz I don't know where you are going
And I don't know why?
But listen to your heart
Before you turn and say...good-bye...

So that our sweetest memories can linger on as long as we live...

Friday, November 19, 2010


Drifting Thoughts on the Sea

Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
That life’s more beautiful is vanquished,
Cos’ life’ll soon be extinguished.

Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
That now the heart kisses the moon,
Cos’ Joy’s slender body’ll break too soon.

Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
That today hails you with many commendations,
Cos’ tomorrow’ll soon trail you with much condemnations. 

Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
That you fall so in love today,
Cos’ you’ll soon hate after this day.

Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
That all hopes’re so high,
Cos’ they’ll later drop from the sky.

 Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
That life’s so gloomy with sorrow,
Cos’ you don’t know what’s at stake tomorrow.

Mind shifts…
Thought drifts…
The same way daylight drifts into the night,
And the night slowly to the broad daylight.

Thought drifts on and drifts…
Mind shifts on and shifts…
Cos’ our mind’s the ship we can’t see,
Caught in the dancing intrigues of uncharted sea.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

R E J O I C E !

Glory be to Almighty Allah who has once again shown us His mercy by granting us leave to witness yet another Ramadan in our lifespan. Many were those who wish they had just this one opportunity, but today have been sent on a lifetime journey of no return. Many were those that we boarded this Fasting train together, but have no chance to reach the closing destination with us. I pray that May Allah forgive their sins, overlook their shortcomings and grant them Paradise. But for those of us who still have the merciful privilege to be here today, Let us be grateful to God and always remember to do HIS bidding...For today and tomorrow, this would forever remain in our memory and the memory of a beautiful life to come. So, I congratulate you all and urge you to please let us...

Arise’n’rejoice! For this Season: the worth of another celebration
Rejoice! Like an apprentice on the day of graduation
Alas! You’re back, with so much, so great a vigor
Where you’ve spent a full moon in celestial labor.

Congratulations! Ei’d-Ul-Fitri has already begun
And the Blessed Month, Ramadan already’s gone
Where you had all your desires strained’n’swallow’
But take heed these portents along, my noblest fellow.

Though, Ramadan, the Blessed Month now is gone
Yet, must you divorce not its teachings undone
In humbleness, piety, kindness, charity’n’patience should thy be victorious
For you to be in this life’n’hereafter prosperous.

Arise! Celebrate this Glorious Festival!
Rejoice! This Ei’d-Ul-Fitri with gracious thanks to Allah
Who’s upon your soul bestowed ceaseless survival
Rejoice! Shout’n’echoe AL-H-A-M-D-U-L-I-LL-A-H!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


One restless night...I slept...I dreamt...I woke...but I had had a broken night...unbalanced night rest...unstable dreams...and when I woke, all the things I wanted to say in prose were scattered...and my wet-hand shaking...coz I've had a broken memory...Yet, all the things I have wanted to say that morning in prose, I could only sing in quiet low songs...this 'Blessed Night of Majesty' called 'LAILATUL-QADRI' in this Blessed Month of Ramadan!

Forgive! Have mercy upon me…O Lord!
For my doom now I fear by thy word
I know thy cautions always I defy
But do not my penitence deny

O Lord! I bow down before thy will
And now, tears have my eyes fill
My heart wails…trembles with shame
My stubbornness now myself deny and blame

The time I should not’ve thy boundary crossed
I snubbed! In earthly lust was I engrossed
Ah! All’s vanity! My journey…now resilience
I am but only a mortal in penitence

Lord! If thou have mercy upon me
And let thy forgiveness be
I shall forever cease my penniless mortal’s ills
And never again question whatever thy wills

You gave me life, sustenance and protection
Now I fervently seek thy redemption
From this stubborn ungrateful ignorant soul
Which’ve swept thy mercy beneath it’s sole

O Lord! Forgive me; Let me be wise
Cover me from all worldly vice
Show me the way to offer my thanks
That I be placed among the grateful ranks

O Lord! I have done great wrongs
And wounded my soul with rotten prongs
If thou me not forgive and let thy mercy boom
I shall melt away to eternal doom

Forgive me…accept my penitence, O Lord!
I, like a tamed lion bow now to thy WORD
My futile journey’s end…now resilience
I am but only a mortal in penitence.

Friday, August 27, 2010

B I R D W I N G!

 Oh! How strange it thus beats my imagination to be so lucky to have the rare fantastic day-dreaming of the most attractive Birdwing experience at Litchfield, Minnesota, USA. I drove through the Majestic gate of Birdwing estate to appreciate the abundant wildlife with that country's setting. Suddenly, there emerged a changing beautiful Minnesota's season and what appeared to me like apparitions were the wonderful way with which the beautiful white pelicans were gliding joyously upon the blue- white sky, and the trumpeters swans also imposed their massive migration on the scene, mystical and envious eagles soaring with quarries of straws in their wandering beaks.

The most fantastic thing that never failed to caught my attention was the memorable, but glamorous sight of roaming bears which reminded me of the historical badgers of "THE COLD MOONS" who eventually roamed about their found ELYSSIA in tranquility after long journeys through the THE COLD MOONS raising a resounding chorus of thanks and praises,which was heralded simultaneously far away NEW YORK by the spectacular thundering roar of the blue-ridge NIAGARA falls 

and the gentle continuous oscillating strike of the PHILADELPHIA's Liberty-Bell.

Hummmm...Can it be true that I was only but dreaming of the most spectacular places on earth, the experience of which I've never had in my life ...the B...I...R...D...W...I...N...G !? But how I wish it come to memory, listening to the soothing and peaceful sound of the Liberty Bell...gbam...gbam...gbam...


Friday, August 20, 2010


O Nemesis it is…
What are these? Am I dreaming?
What apparition plunge
My skull to constriction?
My mind’s vision
My power will to cease?
By murderers…ferocious…foreign…
And familiar sensations…
Like hired assassins!
O Nemesis it is!
Our house is crashing
Under the yoke
Of borrowed civilizations;
 Paganism…Promiscuity and hooliganism!
While our masters
Plunder on our treasury
There is war everywhere!
And the rest of us
Wallow in abject poverty
And dine with hunger
Our indispensable mortal enemy!
Aids too…crept in silently
Like thieves to horrify our lives
With un-atonable demands
And all our manpower
Are dropping dead
By the menace of these dreaded gods
That must be worshipped
With sacrifices every seasons
O Nemesis it is!
Alas! Our future is nothing
But bleak
And there is no known hope
To lean on
Except to remember
And turn back to pay homage
To the willful Will
Of our forgotten Mighty Master.
The Plot
This powerful and thought-provoking poem was composed and written on Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at about 2:45am. The poem is a reflection on the consequential and skeletal predicaments every Nigerians find themselves today. Whatever the condition of the average Nigerian at present - economic-wise, education, political and socio-cultural problems – they are paying the ultimate price for the lots of wrong done on this Land.
This country called Nigeria, is full if sins – transported from the so called western civilization; I mean (Ignorance) by Nigerians themselves, in deviance of God’s Laws. Nigerians have long been disobeying and disregarding God’s own powerful omnipotent and omniscience laws and regulations in terms of restrictions and commandments. And the ultimate consequence of man’s obstinacy to his all-powerful God is severe punishments. Hence, NEMESI! The price paid for wrongs done, vengeance, repercussion! Therefore, the Nemesis on the sins and atrocities Nigerians have committed are the bad consequences of what we are experiencing today in Nigeria. What a NEMESI!
What a Nemesis! There is peace no more in the Land. Security is scarce like gold. People are dying of poverty and hunger. Our leaders too, are no more kind to us and there is injustice everywhere. Murder, Assassinations and Unheard Terror!...claimed supremacy. Out of hunger and thirst, our throat feels like sandpaper and our heads pound everyday like a Big Drum! AIDS…like monster Neo-gods whose eyes were as red as a burning coals unleash their terror upon our children…our youths…our future and leaders, remaining like skeletons, scarecrows of tattered rags buried on the grounds.
We have no hope for bright future as we are plunged in indefinite sufferings – the consequence of our unbelief attitudes, ignoramus behavious, cruel and self-egoistic actions and moral corruptions devoid of divine guidance. This is Nemesis! God’s vengeance!
But to get out of these pitiable mess? There is only one way! And that is to turn back to God, the omnipotent and omniscience, our creator, in repentance and respect His Will and have regards to His divine Laws and Commandments – which are sources of guidance for us…all of us in Nigeria and the world over. That is the only solution; the only way to get out of this NEMESIS!  

Thursday, August 19, 2010


They come suddenly'n'murder my sleep
Altering my dreams I wake up'n'weep
Every night that I lay upon my bed
        Snoring deep like a dead                                               
They come suddenly'n'murder my sleep 
Altering my dreams I wake up'n'weep

...Rats plunder my stock
Bed-bugs, mosquitoes prey upon my blood'n'suck
Rattling, struggling, dragging, Rats plunder my stock
Bed-bugs, mosquitoes prey upon my blood'n'suck
Small cockroaches too invade'n'*Tambolo* will bite
For blood-suckers, before dawn're all out of sight
...'n'*Tambolo will bite
Why they come at such a time I snore deep
I do not know, but their menace'll make me weep
Even I cannot my sweet dreams hold'n'save
Coz every time of my night's a midnight rape...

            -  by ---- Adeola Goloba

*Tambolo :- is a Yoruba word (a Nigerian Language) for a very small and tiny wild brown Ant that stings. 

This poem is a metaphor of what an average poor Nigerian goes through every moments of his life. It is a solidarity call to his plights and his lamentations...a constant reminder to the outright resistance against the unending socio-economic warfare launched by the few political affluent upon the poor masses of our Great Nation called NIGERIA.

We must fight!...fight...fight...and fight!...to the last... 

Monday, August 2, 2010

…No Longer Wanted In the Gallows: Slavery: Man’s Inhumanity against Man

Historically, every man evolved from a common origin, out of which they got divided into different tribes, countries and classes. It is also a known fact that man like a sailor, voyaged into this God-given and egalitarian world and carry with him destined mark of honour, nobility and dignity.

Therefore, every man is equal, and since they emanated from the same single parent, it would definitely amount to an act of barbarism, animalism, terrorism and inhumanity for man to see and take his fellow man as a subject of material exploitation in all ramifications.

From time immemorial, every man is equal, everybody is born free, however, after some factors set in which in accordance with the natural laws and the unchanging system of life, a Muslim philosopher ‘Dr. Mustapha Sibai’ said “Some individuals advance in life and others lag behind. Some prosperous and others indigent. An individual becomes the ruler and a nation becomes subjugated. Some are white skinned and others get tanned or even become black…” hence the sudden emergence of a barbaric civilization which rid man of love, generosity, cooperation and equality, and consequently treats man with hatred, malice, dissention, degraded man and kept him continually under unnecessary subjugation of slavery.

Slavery, as we know it to be is definitely an act or system by which man mercilessly and greedily takes undue advantage of the misfortunes that unfortunately befall fellow man. No wonder this is actually what ‘David Diop’, a Senegalese celebrated poet meant when he described the colonial masters who subjected Africa to slavery as “Vultures” in one of his poems, protesting against the evils of colonialism and slavery. He also made this clear in another poem “Africa” where he clearly exposes the conditions of mindless subjugation to which the African Blacks were put by the greedy white colonialists.

In addition, Africa, as far back as 17th Century and other nations of the world were unfortunately held by incontinental fatigue and slumbered deep, only to wake up and received a deadly blow on their faces from the cruel hands of slavery. Africa for instance, in both Anglophone and Francophone West-Africa, was colonized and subjected into slavery by the white British and French invaders respectively. They came not only to colonize Africa but also tortured, oppressed, exploited her citizens and greedily carted away a large amount of her human and material resources to develop their own countries.

During which this process of selfish and malicious machinations by the white colonialists were at work, many of the great and courageous African Nationalists arise from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Liberia, Cameroun, and South-Africa e.t.c. They effortlessly confronted their white masters and fought against this act of barbarism. These people heroically never lost their breath until they were able to bring a dramatic stop into slavery which gave birth to the slave abolition of 1916. Those who were earlier on put under severe colonial control, guardianship, and seen as properties of the white marauders, who were unable to own a property, land or house of their own even in their own Mother-Land were finally let loose to take their destiny into their own hands.

Furthermore, many of the African Nationalists who gallantly fought against slavery, fought both in silence and in echoes. They did this successfully by the mighty power of their tongues and pens, especially those who were writers and poets among them. Never will history forget the brave hearts of Jomo Kenyata of Kenya, Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Prof. Chinua Achebe and Prof. Wole Shoyinka of Nigeria among others. The renown Senegalese poet, David Diop, Benibengor Bay of Ghana, Crispin Dempster, a Liberian writer, Mbella Sonne Dipoko from Cameroun and Denis Brutus, Arthur Nortje, Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali and the ‘Madiba’ Dr. Nelson Mandela of South-Africa will forever remain in the good and memorable pages of history for what they have done to denounce slavery and colonialism.

Profoundly, many of these people in their works and poetry collections expose the evil nature of those who introduced slavery and slavery itself. They also out-rightly denounced slavery which tries to deny the humanity of Africans. For example, ‘David Diop’ who wrote “Africa” and “Vultures” and ‘Mbella’s “Our History” and “Pain” all captured the dehumanizing treatments meted out to the Africans during the slave trade of the colonial era. Infact, the situation was so critical in South-Africa where Apartheid system of rule was unjustly imposed upon the blacks to reduce them to animal level and inflicted mental, physical and psychological pains on their body and spirits. Denis, Arthur and Mtshali respectively exposed this act in their poems. For instance, ‘Denis’ in “Sometimes They Squat on the Floor” sympathetically described the physical conditions of the black innocent prisoners during that time. ‘Arthur and Mtshali’ also projected this in the following poems “Bitter Fragments” and “Nightfall In Soweto”.

Slavery, which had brought untold doom upon man in the past although is actually formally abolished but in reality, slavery still lingers, even in this our modern society and people wallow in it, where their freedom, honour and dignity are still being carelessly trampled upon. This is what made the late Pa Obafemi Awolowo to lament that “Society no longer can continue to live half-slave, half-free…”. Therefore, today, people are still living in the advance form of slavery, both locally and internationally, because people’s rights and freedom are always stylishly and forcefully taken away from them by those who claim to have power over them, and also claimed to be the super-power of the world. They have achieved this by every means especially America and other Western Nations who subject the weak ones to unnecessary mental, physical and psychological slavery through their military might and electronic media machines. For example, all the inhuman U.S foreign policies and mass murder committed in Africa and the Middle-East.

Finally, slavery in all its ramifications, physical, mental, psychological and economic slavery is an act of inhumanity against man by fellow man which attempts to graps away the freedom and honour of man, and then put his life at stake. ‘Williams Shakespeare’ was right when he said “Mine honour is my life; both grow in one, take honour away from me, and my life is done”. The late Frederic Douglass, a Black-American unrepentant human right activist finally hit the nail on the head by saying that “No man cannot be truly free, whose liberty is dependent upon the thought, feeling, and action of others and who has himself no means in his hands for guarding, protecting, defending and maintaining that liberty. The law on the side of freedom is of great advantage only where there is (absolute) power to make that law respected”.

Therefore, our responsibility now is to see that this act of barbarism and inhumanity against man is finally checked, so as to make this world a peaceful paradise. Infact, we should never stop to always register our songs into their ears, minds and their entire system that African Blacks and Man in general have got dignity, honour and nobility. Today, I am still hoping and still believing that...with our brother, Barak Obama, as the number one man in the world, the future is very bright for humanity. That our time has come to share and grow. That Africans Blacks and Colored human race are a people and nations no longer wanted in the gallows.

Monday, July 12, 2010


 "Ours was once a world carved in a perfect harmony, but alas! The emergence of a dangerous civilization with the reign of scientific and technological advancement has come to prove a vulnerable threat to the whole of Humanity and plung this world into a constant state of weariness..."  

 “Warfare cripples human being. Not only does the fury of war disable those who are alive, but it also cuts off the future” - Edgar V. Roberts

This Poem I dedicate to all the victims of human excesses violently displayed through exploitation, oppression, slavery, injustice, evil conspiracies and incessant wars…economic, political, socio-cultural, physical, mental or psychological. In other words, this is a cry of lamentations, outright condemnation, stiff resistance and urgent call for a total halt to this unnecessary warfare which have consequently placed too much unbearable burden upon the existence of the whole of humanity...these wars must stop!

We are weary world, done with war
Let’s live in peace’n’fight no more
No more grudges-let’s forget about RACE
‘cause our habitat’s a global place
Continental curve from Australia, Middle-East to Africa
Asia, through Europe’n’down to America

We’re weary world, done with war
We shall live in peace’n’fight no more
No more wars-let’s leave not our duties
To cast callous calamity to nature’s beauties
Ah! The earth’s surface’s been defaced
With wars-innocent lives’s been displaced

A world are we, totally done with war
In peace shall we live’n’clash no more
Desert storm at Gulf-Hiroshima! Still flood our memory
Mortal genocide, engineered from bio-atomic nuclear armory
Sarajevo horrors-constant nightmares in Northern Ireland
No peace in Africa-Yet, not one in Switzerland

A world are we, totally done with war
Shall we live now in peace’n’clash no more?
Twin-Towers already’ve been lost to Terrorism
Million wealths, souls too were sacrificed in horrific barbarism
All these in New-York,West-Bank, Baghdad’n’Kabul
While some missiles passed through Ramala’n’Istanbul

Oh! We’re weary world done with war
Let’s live in peace’n’quarrel no more
No more wars-Military, Economic or Culture
We’ve had enough decades of ruthless torture
Kwashiorkor, Tuberculosis, AIDS’n’new born SARS
Imposed by malnutrition, viruses, contagious deadly gas

What is a modern man’s fate on earth?
When peace even now has become dearth
We grope for meaningful life-Oh! We cannot see
Our lives’ve been drown in missiles sea
Let’s live in peace now’n’fight war no more!
‘cause we’re a world weary of war

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Am so so down this morning..I woke up to a very rude & shoking loss of a beautiful Angel, an astonishing idol, a charming sister, an honest singer & diva, a soul-shaker & mover, a very romantic lover & true friend Whitney Hostney...It's very painful..I found love d day I became a poet, but just like Michael Jackson, Whitney shaped my whole understanding of dat strong human romantic emotions & how to truly deliver these emotions..(and dat is...("LOVE'')...Once again, I feel like a part of me has just left since Michael did that June..bt yet l'd always keep u rgt here..in my Heart..Whitney!..I'd miss d electrifying voice of dis beautiful Angel no doubt! I love u but God loves u more..& may God bless ur soul Whitney..as u Rest In Peace & until we meet again!...Goloba Adeola ( 12th February 2012)


It's a year now that...Aaahhh!....it breaks my heart to know that I'd be missing Michael for the rest of my life...it's a great shock to me and it really hits so bad...I am devastated!...Speechless...

I am dedicating this short poem to the memory of the one who has had an indescribable impact on the lives of millions of people around the world, myself inclusive...I see him as an indefatigable mythical legend...a HERO in its true sense and I really want to remember him for the many great achievements he has had in his life before this time...one of them is Uniting the whole world true his music and charity...especially bringing comfort, self-esteem, and hope to the children around the world...I grew up with his songs and felt substance in every of his works, and feel like my soul is gone with Michael...He's a great man...and He would live forever with his Legacy...Goodnight... and Rest In Perfect Peace Jackson!

My deepest condolence to their families and fans all over the world... 



Pls…let me live on…
When sudden darkness fall upon the sun
That my toils shall never be in vain
But I know how hard it’s to keep the pain.

Let me go on…
Like a shinning Ode on a Grecian Urn
Where beloved ashes must always lie
That, visions of them, shall never die.

I utterly beg of you today
That tomorrow when I go away
All the muses I’ve put on slate
Never shall see the wrath of fate.

I say, do not my labour betray
To have your duty delay
But to let me go on’n’on…
Even if I am gone.

I be certain that when I’m done,
I can from great beyond carry on
As Homer, Shakespeare, Solon’n’Milton’th their pen
Before they all retired to their quiet den.

Let me go on…
On’n’on the way of Leon
That my creativity reach immortality
And go on this way till eternity.

So, let me live on’n’on…
Even if darkness fall upon the sun
That my toils never shall be in vain
As I know how hard it’s to keep the pain.

This song (poem) by me was my H@felt dedication 2 Late Michael Jackson and now 2 Whitney coz they were d most precious gifts God ever gave 2 me in undasting d true meaning of LOVE & LIFE in its wider perspective..I truly love them & will greatly miss them 4 d rest of my life!


“In every community, there’s work to be done,
In every nation, there are wounds to heal,
In every heart, there’s the power to do it.”
----Marianne Williamson

Sometimes we’re so much immersed in worldly merriments that we let loose in extreme eating, drinking, singing and dancing riot. In those short-lived moments, we completely forget the troubles, the sorrows, sadness, pains and anguish we had had to go through in our lives.

We had quickly forget the stress and disappointments that had dealt a deadly blow on our hopes and aspirations, our goals and objectives to make life better for ourselves. We had been oblivious of the costly sacrifices we had made to come this very far in life. All these have suddenly fizzled away our sense of awareness that we already have fractured bones and bleeding hearts. That great and difficult challenge still lay bare before our naked eyes. That we still have enough fences to scale ahead of us.

However, little did we know that our overzealous and funky merriments could be shattered in a flash when the consequences of our irrational excitements strike us like a thunderstorm in the dead of the night.

Hunm…what a pity! “Alaaru to n je buredi, Awo Ori e lo n je ti o mo…” or how else could one explain the unspeakable irrationality behind this thoughtless overexcitement on festive day or any other assumed special day, when we are supposed to give thanks and show lots of gratitude to God for sparing our lives; when we’re supposed to sit down and go on a very deep sober reflection on how to cope and overcome our problems and troubles in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead until we finally get to the end of a smooth and beautiful road? NIGERIA, am I making sense?

But for me, I had for a very long time made a promise, an oath and covenant that I shall never allow myself to be tempted into such a senseless fun until my fractured bones are mended and my wounded bleeding heart healed…coz there, the power to do it lies.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This morning woke us up
With the strident cacophony of our old friend
The brilliant rogue of this helpless jungle
Singing the coming rites of new power play
In constant appellation to the kindest kindred casts
Of this age-long jilted jungle

Here comes the gallant return of that juggler
Glowing like a peacock prince in his regal attire
And buried in his reckoning steps
To the ritual dance of the throbbing Bàtǎ drum
Chiming sonorously towards the South, East, North
And the Western shrines of our jungle’s Kingmakers
To welcome him home again
Into the sacred palace
In this Second Season of Ritual Acrimony
So that he can strip off completely
His evil plots; to prove his acclaimed ingenuity
And launch his final onslaught
Upon our sacred honours; then
Whips us down to earth
This Second Coming…

Let us all make smooth the path
Fellow Kinsmen!
For the gallant return of this glamorous liar
So that we can forever groan in pain
Under the deadly claws of the whip
Of this fearless treachery burglar
As dreaded more than the harvest
Of the last ferocious festival

Let us rise up in standing ovation
And lead him majestically to the Royal Chair
Let us again crown
And make him our King!
Let him wear the Royal Shoes
And put in his neck, the Royal Beads
Let us place in his hands
The Majestic Horsetail
Let us lay before him
All the ritual ingredients
In sacrifices to the Royal Gods
To make for our final funeral rites
In this Second Season of Ritual Acrimony
Let us clear the thorny path
For the return of this friendly foe
So that we can go on moaning…
Howling…and wail…in endless labour
While he sits in Aso Palace
Amidst mass stolen affluents
With his two gap-teeth going wild
In endless laughter; and mock us
To our Death
This Second Coming…

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Mavis My Love!

“When someone you love,

Becomes a Memory…the

Memory becomes a treasure,

For the love of that person,

You will love that person for

The rest of your life…”

Mavis was an 18 years old African-American girl who relocated with her tourist parent to Lagos Nigeria in June1991, when she was about 16 years old. I was in S.S. 2 at Ejigbo High School, Ejigbo Lagos. Mavis joined us in Commercial Class when I was only 19 years old.

Mavis was a highly matured young girl who had had much more experience than most women crammed into a lifetime. She was loved and respected by everybody including all the tutors. Although, she was only seventeen, she was intelligent, emotionally matured, sensitive, brilliant and socially appealing. She was also a very pretty girl with a very agile and athletic stature.

I had not taken notice of Mavis attractiveness for almost three months. But when we became friends and very fond of each other, I began to see her in a different light. I remember we were both very funny kind as we used to tease each other. Every little thing we would make jest of. We do and share things together and also go to the school library together to read and share ideas with each other.

Before Mavis and I became close, I remember one afternoon when the weather was so hot. We were in the Mathematics class and I was tired and reckless. My mind was completely out of the class and the only thing I was busy with was steering endlessly at Mavis where she was sitting. I noticed her mind wasn’t in the class either and throughout the whole session in the class that day, Mavis and I were secretly stealing a look at each other, and you know when two people look searchingly into each other’s eyes, emotions are heightened and the relationship tipped towards greater intimacy. At a point, we would smile at each other and put our eyes away. I was taken aback and shaking when Mavis confidently came directly towards me after the class and said “Hi, ‘am Mavis Baby Arthur…I know you are…King…King of Tomorrow, right?”. I was speechless and didn’t know what to do or say. I only nodded my head in affirmation because I was so nervous and that was because I had never experienced anything like that in my life. But I was still happy that I had such a pretty and brilliant girl as a friend. The most interesting thing was that I couldn’t believe that I could have a foreigner as a friend, an American for that matter. For the first time in my life, I felt so important. It was like a Miracle. There were butterflies in my stomach!

As the months rolled by, Mavis and I fell passionately in love. It was so strange for many people to believe that two young lads like us could feel what adults felt for one another. Even, my parents found it very difficult to comprehend, but Mavis parents did understood and they would never do anything to hurt her feelings. I was so glad about this and from that moment on, I began to believe in myself and I really owed that to Mavis. Mavis taught me so many things and opened my eyes to the world. From Mavis, I learned to develop and grow mentally, emotionally, socially and intellectually. She taught me how to think like a grown-up man. She was so kind, caring, loving and very romantic. She was so blunt, honest and straightforward. She taught me how to love and how to do that genuinely. She showed me the meaning of true love because Mavis loved me sincerely with all her heart. She loved me unconditionally in spite of what or who I was or where I was from. The chemistry between us was so strong that we had to promise each other that we would have a lifetime together as husband and wife after we are both done with our higher education. Every time, my grey spirit was always yearning in desire to see Mavis, hold and love her with an Angel’s passion beyond the utmost bound of human thought, seeking a newer world with her and sailing beyond the sunset and the baths of all the western stars until my last breath. Each passing day, I was always full of joy…but Alas!...Joy has a slender body that breaks too soon, for today, my Mavis has now become my MEMORY.

Mavis later traveled back to the U.S. The day she traveled was the last time that I ever saw Mavis. She said she would keep in touch and later come back for me. But since that moment on, I knew I had lost Mavis for the rest of my life. It was so painful though, I later realized that it was important I had to move on with my life.

Below is a copy of the letter written to Mavis published in the Daily Times Newspaper in 1993 tittled…”To Mavis My Love!”

This is for you (Mavis), the true and genuine love of my life. I hope you will have fortunate chance to read this wherever you may be. I’d be missing you for the rest of my life!

I remember you made me to realize

That it is only once in a lifetime…

But now I know, it does happen often

In our entire life when we sleep and wake

Up one day to discover that what we cherish

Most in our lives just disappear and gone forever!

How can I face the world alone now Mavis?

Oh no…! I’m missing you now. Poor me!

Though I know I’d be missing you forever…but

How?…how I wish you were here now…coz

I doubt if I’d ever live to see a true friend like you.

I also remember one of those beautiful days

We spent together here in Nigeria. When I was

Down, I remember you once asked me why do

I feel everything is against me? I remember you

Always tell me it was not as bad as I thought…

Mavis, with your magnetic power of persuasion,

I remember you once told me that it was

Just little endurance that I needed. I could

Recall that in your warm hands during those

Wonderful and splendid moments, you charged

Me to learn from old, experienced and successful

People. To listen to them…that I would discover

That it is the little endurance that they had that

Kept them going through turbulent storms. That

If things were ever hard for me, that what I

Needed was to try to endure, which I did…I

Remember you told me that endurance was the best

Weapon against difficulties.

Mavis, all these I remembered and tried to do

But I am so sorry I can’t go on now…How

Can I?...when I had loved you with all my heart

And suddenly out of the blue…I woke up that

Morning to find my gentle and helpless heart

Full of your love now broken apart…Oh!...

The agony is too much for me to bear…the

Pain is too hard for me to conceive…I am

Dying helplessly…I don’t know what to do

With my life anymore Mavis!

When you told me you were leaving…that

You had to go coz your parent needed to

Relocate back to the United States. That you

Had no choice but to leave. Your words drove

Me crazy, it caused me anguish to think that

The beautiful dreams I had had will no longer

Be mine…the idea of it poisoned my life…

Now my life was gradually turning into hell…

Every moment, I pinned for you…I ached for you…

But why Mavis?...why do things like this happen?

Why are the most beautiful moments in life over

In the flash of a moment?

I know without you…I fear for my life. I am dying

A little everyday…this is what I feel…and that is

Why I hate my life now…that day was one morning

I can never forget. There was brightness all around.

But for me, it was dark all around. I could not see a thing.

I wonder why people say love is pure…that those who

Love find God?...I wonder what path I had suddenly

Treaded?...what is this love all about?

An unsolved mystery

Whose joy it is? And

Whose ruin is it?

Whose life is it? And

Whose death?

Why? Why Mavis do you have to do this to me?

I have always loved you so much and will always

Do even if I don’t get to see you again. I really missed

You a lot amidst of the pain and agony that enveloped

Me right this moment. I am especially missing your

Wonderful and beautiful smile I had always seen in

Your face, but until I finally see someone else who

Can prove to possess your magnificent qualities,

Your love will continue to ring like a pendulum in

My memory for the rest of my life.

Goodbye Mavis!

Your love always,

King of Tomorrow.

Although I have moved on with my life today without Mavis being around…but the mere memories of those days of missing Mavis still brings me out in cold sweat.