Hello everyone! what you see here is the product of the pieces of my

thoughts gathered together to find and recall the true meaning of my
MEMORY...Please, I love you all to leave your meaningful comments to help
improve my Blog and may be through your series of comments...I may eventually
find my TRUE MEMORY...Thanks!


You are welcome to my haven! I created this in the memory of my memories...I can only hope you will always hang on here as long as you can. But if you have to leave, I want you to please:

Listen to your heart
When it's calling for you
Coz I don't know where you are going
And I don't know why?
But listen to your heart
Before you turn and say...good-bye...

So that our sweetest memories can linger on as long as we live...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


One restless night...I slept...I dreamt...I woke...but I had had a broken night...unbalanced night rest...unstable dreams...and when I woke, all the things I wanted to say in prose were scattered...and my wet-hand shaking...coz I've had a broken memory...Yet, all the things I have wanted to say that morning in prose, I could only sing in quiet low songs...this 'Blessed Night of Majesty' called 'LAILATUL-QADRI' in this Blessed Month of Ramadan!

Forgive! Have mercy upon me…O Lord!
For my doom now I fear by thy word
I know thy cautions always I defy
But do not my penitence deny

O Lord! I bow down before thy will
And now, tears have my eyes fill
My heart wails…trembles with shame
My stubbornness now myself deny and blame

The time I should not’ve thy boundary crossed
I snubbed! In earthly lust was I engrossed
Ah! All’s vanity! My journey…now resilience
I am but only a mortal in penitence

Lord! If thou have mercy upon me
And let thy forgiveness be
I shall forever cease my penniless mortal’s ills
And never again question whatever thy wills

You gave me life, sustenance and protection
Now I fervently seek thy redemption
From this stubborn ungrateful ignorant soul
Which’ve swept thy mercy beneath it’s sole

O Lord! Forgive me; Let me be wise
Cover me from all worldly vice
Show me the way to offer my thanks
That I be placed among the grateful ranks

O Lord! I have done great wrongs
And wounded my soul with rotten prongs
If thou me not forgive and let thy mercy boom
I shall melt away to eternal doom

Forgive me…accept my penitence, O Lord!
I, like a tamed lion bow now to thy WORD
My futile journey’s end…now resilience
I am but only a mortal in penitence.